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Written by Joy MacKay
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We've all considered it at some point in our lives and careers. You think about giving an engraved gift, but you figure it's too costly and time-consuming. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Discovering a Personalized World

The best gifts are the ones that capture your essence, as well as that of the receiver. Sure, you can give your boss a silver lighter or a gold-plated pen--but consider the class and thought that is displayed by custom engraving. Even gifts you buy for yourself are always nicer when engraved. It shows that you value your identity, and that you intend to keep that item around for a long time.

Furthermore, custom engraving does not have to simply mean engraved initials. Sure, initials are one thing you can engrave on almost anything, but why not think outside of the box? If you engrave the family last name on a picture frame, for instance, it can be passed down throughout the generations, without losing relevance.

Another great idea for personalized gifts is drawing from the words of others. Does the recipient have a favorite quotation? Do they have a motto that they live by? Perhaps they have a favorite band, and you can take a pertinent lyric from one of that band's songs for engraving on their gift.

Low Cost Engraving

Engraving has gotten a bad rap, in terms of cost and convenience. And why shouldn't it? Many people think of engraving as highly expensive, where each engraved letter costs a hefty fee. However, this is usually only the case for vendors who do not specialize in engraving.

The reason that you can go into a jewelry store and pick out a fine piece of jewelry, and then pay exorbitant amounts for engraving is because of outsourcing. That jewelry company might take your jewelry to the engraving business or trophy shop next door in order to have it engraved. You pay for the money that the jewelry store itself spends outsourcing engraving. Luckily, there is a better way.

Low-cost engraving can be found at businesses who specialize in engraving. They have the equipment on-hand and are able to offer you plans so thrifty, that you'll wonder why you haven't engraved each gift you've given. The array of gifts you can choose to engrave is vast, and generally is only limited by your imagination.

What Can You Engrave?

Among the wonderful gifts you can have engraved, license plate holders are some of the most popular. People spend so much time in their cars, they like to add a personal touch. Also equally popular are luggage tags and name tags.

If a gift can be engraved, you can make it say whatever your heart desires. Gifts are more than useful objects--they carry ageless sentiment. Peruse the Internet and the many engraving companies that have websites, and find gift ideas which you can make your own with custom engraving.

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