License Plate Holder

Written by Joy MacKay
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How many times have you been stuck in traffic, staring at the license plate holder of the car in front of you? More often than not, it's the auto dealer's slogan--pretty boring!

Put Your Stamp on Your Car with a License Plate Holder

The license plate holder is a classy way to convey a little bit about you and your personality or business to those you see on the road. Are your kids, grandkids, dog or cat, mom or dad the cutest, the greatest, or the best? Do you have a favorite scripture or quotation? Have it engraved on your license plate holder. Have a dot-com business? Put a couple words about your business and your dot-com address on the holder

For a truly custom fit, look for an engraver who carries different colors of license plate holders, and a nice selection of engraved insert colors and type styles. I do not recommend putting your name and/or phone number on a holder for safety reasons. Always be polite in what you want on your license plate holder. Very few engravers will engrave something that is distasteful.

License plate holders also make excellent gifts. Rarely do people think to do something this special and personal for themselves; but they will more than welcome the addition to their automobile. With a look that transcends the traditional bumper sticker, and adds a touch of class, engraved license plate holders are becoming more and more popular.

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