14k Gold

Written by Serena Berger
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14K gold is one of the most common weights used to make fine jewelry. 14K gold consists of 58.3% pure gold: 14 parts gold to 10 parts other metals. You can always determine the percentage of pure gold in a piece because it is measured on a scale to 24 - 24K being pure gold, which is far too soft to fashion into jewelry.

14K gold can be used to make any item of jewelry that you may be searching for. 14K gold chains are one of the basic items in any woman's jewelry box, and many men like to wear a single gold chain as well. There are a number of different styles - link, omega chains, Byzantine chains, box chains, and many others.

14K Gold as a Setting

14K gold can also form the setting for any precious stones. As the simple backing for stud earrings or a tennis bracelet, or as a significant pendant or medallion accented with gem stones, 14K is the perfect material. There are many slight variations to the color and luster of 14K gold that can make it perfectly suited to the different colors of gems.

14K can be carved or poured into almost any shape you desire. It can be delicately worked into intricate designs or poured into heavier, larger pendants or medallions. 14K gold is one of the most versatile, beautiful and precious metals, and you will certainly be able to turn it into the perfect piece for yourself or someone you love.

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