Aa Grade Ammolite

Written by Kevin Little
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AA grade Ammolite is the cream of the crop, the best of the best--the elite. One one stone in twenty will be graded "AA," making this unique stone all the harder to find in excellent condition. Of course, once you see a piece, you'll know immediately why it's worth it to seek out the very best.

All Ammolite stones contain intrinsically fascinating and desirable properties. First of all, each piece is a fossil, due to millions of years spent at the bottom of the ocean. The stones contain up to seven different colors, and no two stones have precisely the same colors or patterns on display.

AA Grade Ammolite: Rarest of Rare

Thanks to the "fossil" designation and the fact that Ammolite gems can only be mined in Alberta, Canada, Ammolites are counted among the most rare gems in the world. This makes finding AA Grade Ammolite all the more difficult--and all the more worthwhile.

Top grade Ammolite stones, while they may contain all seven potential colors, will be dominated by two to three colors in high color and definition. These gorgeous stones are of collectible quality. Which makes sense, after all--who wouldn't be interested in a stone with such a story to tell?

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