Ammolite Cuff Links

Written by Kevin Little
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Ammolite cuff links are a great item for any history buffs out there. Are you one of those people who looks for excuses to give extemporaneous history lectures? Well, then Ammolite jewelry just might be the perfect item for you.

Ammolite cuff links have an incredibly interesting back story for an accessory. It all starts a long time ago with a fashion-conscious crustacean called the Ammonite, which would grow and shed a shell of many colors. These shells would sink to the bottom of the ocean, where their colors would be preserved in the watery depths.

Ammolite Cuff Links in Modern Times

Fast forward to a recent era, when these shells were found on land in Alberta, Canada. People immediately noticed the incredible color patterns found on these now-fossils, and began to craft stones and jewelry out of the shells. Today, the history of Alberta Ammolite is more important than ever, as Alberta is the world's only recognized source of these great gems.

Naturally, not all of these shells are of comparable quality, so the gems made from the shells are graded accordingly. AA is the highest grade available, so when you're looking for Ammolite products, search for this quality grade. That way, your cuff links and your history teachings will resonate all the more.

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