Ammolite Facts

Written by Kevin Little
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Ammolite facts are plentiful, to say the least. So what sorts of facts are you looking for? History, mythology, looks and availability are all interesting topics when it comes to these stones.

History and appearance vie for the most compelling of the Ammolite facts. The history of Ammolite stones is essentially unsurpassed--at least in terms of longevity. The story starts millions of years ago, in an ocean not so far away....

Ammolite Facts: History Lessons

Have you ever heard of a sea creature known as the Ammonite? You know, the one with with squid-esque form and the gorgeous spiral shell? Well, if you're like most people, the Ammonite is news to you, but it is these beings, last seen seventy million years, that are responsible for the Ammolite stones we see today.

The shells of these fabulous animals settled at the bottom of the ocean, where they fossilized. That process was good news for us when such shells were discovered in Alberta, Canada, and formed into gemstones. Alberta Ammolite is today seen on rings, tie tacs, earrings and much more!

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