Ammolite Gems

Written by Kevin Little
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Ammolite gems are more than their name suggests. Yes, they are indeed gems--but they're actually even more than that. As they come from the shells of the extinct Ammonite, they fall into the fossil category as well!

Such categorization makes them more than meets the eye--if that is even possible! For the mere sight of Ammolite gems is enough to cause one to forget all about where they come from. They are simply that stunning.

Ammolite Gems: Keys to Understanding

Ammolite is such an ethereal sight that they are use by Feng Shui practitioners due to their twin qualities of energy and peacefulness. If they can make the earth a better place to live, imagine what they can do for your attire! A little vibrant, well-balanced color never hurt any outfit.

Of course, it's also key to understand the best way to shop for such gems. One important step is to pay attention to grading--AA Ammolite is the highest grade, and the grade most suited to collectible-quality jewelry. Only five percent of Ammolite stones found meet the requirements for this distinction, so keep your eyes peeled.

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wher are they found