Ammolite Jewelry

Written by Kevin Little
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Ammolite jewelry is one of the rarest, most unique kinds of high quality gemstone work. The stones have had many lives of their own, and are featured in history, myth, and spirituality. A single look at the Ammolite will tell you all need to know about why the stone is so valued by so very many people.

However, looks alone don't tell the whole story of the Ammolite. Our mission is to provide you with all of the Ammolite information you need to both understand the fascinating back story of these stones as well as shop wisely for them. For these stones can be nearly as interesting to learn about as they are to gaze at.

The Origins of Ammolite

Ammolite stones didn't actually start out as stones--they started out as shells. Once upon a time, the Ammonite traversed the seas, securely snuggled in a spiral shell. These shells dropped to the bottom of the ocean when the Ammonite was done with them, where they waited. And waited.

And waited. Seventy million years later, the shells were discovered--as fossils, due to the extreme passage of time. The shells had been settled in the minerals that lay at the bottom of the deep, which enhanced their pre-existing colors to form a dazzling spectrum on each shell. As many as seven colors joyously inhabit each piece of Ammolite.

Ammolite Jewelry Today

People eventually discovered these incredible fossils, and had the bright idea of making them into Ammolite jewelry. While the shells are found in many places, the one location at which they are mined into gems is Alberta, Canada. This makes for a scarce supply of these wondrous little historical remnants.

Accentuating the scarcity of these stones is the fact that very few of them are deemed to be of the very highest quality (grade AA). Ammolites are distinguished by their color combination, composition (lack of scratches and cracks), and reflecting ability. Only a few lucky stones pass every single one of the strenuous tests laid out in the opal grading process (yes, the stones are also opalescent in nature!). Those that do make for Ammolite jewelry that is stunning to say the least.

Ammolite Jewelry in Other Cultures

To some, the Ammolite is more than just a pretty stone. The colors of the stone hark back to the mythical Kirin of Eastern culture, as the stone's colors match up quite well the Kirin's scales. The colors as well as the age of the Ammolite also makes the stone a perfect fit for Feng Shui. In fact, practitioners of this art have given the Ammolite its own name: the Seven Color Prosperity Stone.

Ancient Beauty in the Online World

No matter what your fascination with the Ammolite, online Ammolite sources can make your search a whole lot easier. A reliable retailer can guarantee a quality graded stone and top notch workmanship for your piece. And once you have your Ammolite jewelry, you may get a lot or requests for the facts of your gem--even though Ammolite so clearly speaks for itself.

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