Ammolite Origins

Written by Kevin Little
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Ammolite origins go way back, longer than you or anyone you know or have known could possibly remember. The history of these stones have made them very popular among jewelry collectors and aficionados as well as Eastern cultural experts. The properties of this stone are such that the appeal seems to be endless wide-ranging.

Jewelry fans are immediately drawn to the Ammolite because of both its rarity and the amazing color patterns found on each stone. As it is a fossil, the history of the Ammolite goes back millions of years--and the quantity is therefore very limited. Limited quantity and amazing looks make for high demand.

Ammolite Origins: New Interpretations

The age and look of these stones are also important to those interested in Feng Shui--but for different reasons. The age of the stone indicates that it has been accumulating elemental energy for all of the years of its existence, thus making it a potent force. The color combinations, in conjunction with the age of the stones, making for powerful balancing agents to those who wear or display them.

Ammolite origins also dovetail nicely with another part of Eastern culture. The Ammolite is also called the Kirin Stone, as it displays many of the same colors as the mythical Kirin. Making for yet another way in which the origins of Ammolite gems continue to resonate today.

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