Ammolite Stones

Written by Kevin Little
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Ammolite stones are among the most desirable artifacts in the world. How often do you get to buy a fossil, anyway? When you're looking into Ammolite jewelry, that's precisely what you're doing, so it makes sense to be careful and cautious to guarantee the right stone for you.

Every piece of jewelry made from Ammolite stones is different, because each of the stones themselves retain their own unique character. They are made from the shells of now-extinct crustaceans. As such, each particular piece has features that will never be duplicated elsewhere.

Ammolite Stones: Know the Facts

However, just because these stones are fossils, and just because each stone is utterly unique, doesn't mean that each and every one of these stones is as good as any other. As in most gems, there is a grading hierarchy. The top mark for Ammolite is a grade of "AA."

Another important consideration is the setting. You don't want to put a piece of high grade Ammolite in a poorly crafted setting. Look for a retailer that does custom makes each piece once it's ordered to ensure the highest quality craftmanship to go with your high quality gem.

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