Ammolite Triplet Stone

Written by Kevin Little
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Ammolite triplet stones are the best you can get when it comes to these fascinating fossils. Ammolite stones are graded, with AA Ammolite coming in at the top of the heap. Such a designation requires two to three distinct, brilliant colors per stone.

Think of Ammolite triplet stones as being the absolute best of the best. Triplet stones, as their name suggests, combine three colors, thus putting these stones at the high end of the strictest grade available. It just doesn't get much better than triplet stones.

Ammolite Triplet Stones Made Right

When dealing with such a rare grade of such a rare gem, make sure to seek out exceptional workmanship when it comes to preparing your jewelry. You'll want a piece that is made to order, not produced in bulk quantities. With such a guarantee, you can be sure your stone will get the attention it deserves.

A well-crafted piece of Ammolite jewelry will garner you the attention you deserve, as well! Not only are these gems exceptionally rare, they are exceptionally beautiful as well, especially with a three color scheme. Vibrant yet soothing, these stones are sure to be a hit!

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