Anniversary Gifts

Written by Serena Berger
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It is no surprise that when it comes to buying anniversary gifts, people often look to jewelry. Jewelry is typically given to commemorate engagements and weddings, and anniversaries celebrate the same principles - love and commitment. While engagements and weddings have traditional pieces of jewelry associated with them, however, anniversaries provide a greater deal of freedom and allow for even more creativity in selecting gifts.

Diamonds As Anniversary Gifts

The three-stone diamond ring and three-stone diamond necklace are becoming extremely popular as anniversary gifts. The idea is that the stones signify the past, present and future. In the ring, the stones may be set next to each other. In the necklace, they are often linked to each other, dropping from a chain, in increasing size.

Traditionally, certain anniversaries are celebrated with gifts of gold or jewelry. The 25th anniversary is the Silver Anniversary, and the 50th is the Golden Anniversary. Clearly, silver or gold on those occasions would make lovely anniversary gifts.

Pearl is associated with the 30th Anniversary. Ruby and Emerald are affiliated with the 40th and 55th anniversaries, respectively. If you want to buy a diamond, however, best to do it whenever the mood and feeling strike you; otherwise you'd be waiting 60 years!

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