Anniversary Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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What should you consider if you are currently looking at anniversary rings? First, anniversary rings are often more elaborate and dramatic than anniversary bands. While bands tend to be simpler without solitaire stones sent in them, anniversary rings can have large gem stones.

Three Stone Anniversary Rings

The most popular anniversary rings are three stone diamond anniversary rings. Usually these rings feature one larger diamond in the center flanked by two slightly smaller diamonds, but in some cases the three diamonds are all the same size. The idea is that the three stones represent the past, present, and future.

When a ring of this size is given, typically the woman will wear it on another finger, or will wear it instead of her engagement ring. Sometimes, anniversary rings will be given because in the early days of the relationship, the couple could not afford their ideal diamond engagement ring. After many years of marriage they may have more money in their budget, however, and the woman is able to have the fantasy diamond she always imagined.

While three stone diamond anniversary rings are the most popular, that does not meant they are the only or best anniversary rings. Any ring that you find significant or beautiful can be given as an anniversary ring. You may want to search online for a variety of styles and options before making your selection.

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