Baby Bracelet

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are few things cuter than a baby bracelet on a chubby, dimpled wrist. And I'm not talking about the plastic beads on a string that come home from the hospital--although those, too, are treasured. Picture instead a delicate strand of pearls, crystals, silver or gold around that little wrist. Charms and shaped beads such as hearts or teddy bears add to the cuteness quotient.

Birthstones are also very popular, and many a baby bracelet combines these gems with pearls, metals or crystal. For the February baby, envision amethysts and pearls. Sapphires and silver would be a nice combination for the September child. And for July, wouldn't rubies and crystal be gorgeous?

Adding the child's name to her baby bracelet makes it even more special. Letters can be engraved on gold or silver beads or the entire name on a plate. Such a bracelet would be cherished by the lucky child for decades, and by her descendants for generations.

A Baby Bracelet Makes a Thoughtful Shower Gift

It's easy to find an adequate gift for a baby shower. All those darling little outfits and necessary equipment are fine, but if you'd like your gift to really stand out, a piece of personalized baby jewelry would be truly special. The mother, and eventually the child, would know that you made the extra effort to welcome this little girl into the world, and that this piece of jewelry was made especially for her.

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