Baby Jewelry

Written by Sarah Provost
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Baby jewelry is more than just adorable; it's also a wonderful keepsake. Imagine a tiny diamond heart on a 12-inch gold chain, or a ring miniscule enough to fit on a baby's finger. How could you not say, "Awww"? A quick search online will bring you many options to choose from.

Baby Jewelry: Name Bracelets

Name bracelets are probably the most popular form of baby jewelry. There are tiny chains with engraved nameplates, like miniature ID bracelets. There are also beaded bracelets, of crystal, pearl, gold, silver or ceramic, which have the child's name spelled out on individual beads, and charms can be added as well. Bangles, too, can be engraved with the baby's name, and come in plain gold or studded with diamond chips.

Add-a-pearl necklaces are also a lovely tradition to start for a newborn girl. When she is born, and on every birthday, she is given a single pearl. A fine quality pearl can be given each year without undue expense, but by the time she is grown, she will have a very valuable necklace. The add-on concept also applies to diamonds, either bracelets or necklaces, but they have the disadvantage of having to be reset often, a more complicated and expensive service than simply buying a larger chain for pearls.

Another large category of baby jewelry is earrings. These can range from simple gold, diamond or pearl studs to cloisonne hoops, flower and heart shapes, teddy bears, or just about any other style you can think of. Rings in many styles are also available, and even though these things might be outgrown in a month or two, they will be treasured keepsakes forever.

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