Byzantine Necklaces

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Elaborate Designs for Byzantine Necklaces

Byzantine necklaces take their name and design from the detailed, woven patterns characteristic of the Byzantine Empire. The art and architecture of this monolithic empire, which more or less replaced the Roman Empire, were noted for their Asian flair. Much fancier than the Roman and Greek styles, this elaborate look has been translated into some of the most beautiful modern jewelry.

Viewed up close, a Byzantine design is fascinating with its intricate braided pattern that repeats to give a solid and rich texture. The intertwined, thick gold wires weave in and out and create an endless thread of golden color. A classic necklace has a tightly-woven motif that balances even the most sophisticated outfit.

Matching Sets

Matching sets in jewelry are always popular, but there are various ways to pair up Byzantine necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. You can, of course, get the exact same configuration in each piece and use the boldest widths if you just love them. There are various other pairings that are attractive, however. The same pattern is available in thin and broad widths, or one of the more elaborate designs for the Byzantine necklaces will go with cubic zirconia bracelets and rings for a different look.

A larger, wider gold necklace set with diamonds or other precious gemstones would be lovely paired with thinner Byzantine bracelets. These would be complementary, as would small, gold earrings and simple gold rings. Such a grouping of gold pieces would balance one another without competing for attention.

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