Canadian Ammolite

Written by Kevin Little
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Canadian Ammolite is the only type of this stone you will find in high quality jewelry. While Ammolite is found in many different places throughout the world, jewelry-grade Ammolite is mined only in Alberta. In this case, the road to great pieces goes through Canada--and nowhere else.

Since there is only one source for Ammolite stones, this makes for a very limited supply. Ammolite is one of the rarest gems found on earth due to this fact. And rare they are, in both quantity--and quality.

Canadian Ammolite: Stunningly Unique

As the history and location of these gemstones are unparalleled, so is the look of these stones. Different color combinations are found on each and every piece of Ammolite, making each high grade piece a collector's item. Such natural variation also make every piece the center of attention!

Be careful, though--only a small percentage of Ammolite gems are graded at the top level. At least two distinct, brilliant colors will be found on each highly graded stone. Top quality Canadian Ammolite may not be available everywhere, but then what collectible pieces are?

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