Celtic Cross Pendants

Written by Kimberly Clark
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A pendant is a free swinging piece of jewelry that usually hangs from a chain. But what exactly is a Celtic cross pendant? And what is so special about these trinkets?

For the most part, a Celtic cross is shaped just like all other typical Christian crosses, with the exception of the circle in the center of it where the lines of the cross meet. The symbol takes its name from the Celtic region of the world where it was first used, namely the British Isles. The enduring symbol is believed to have been first used as early as the seventh or ninth century.

Today, the Celtic cross is most often used as a religious symbol. However, historians believe that its use predates Christianity. In fact, some people believe that the four arms are simply a representation of the four natural elements: fire, water, air, and earth.

Origins of the Circle

No one is really certain of the origins of the distinctive circle at the center of the Celtic cross, but Irish Catholics and other Christians believe it symbolizes the halo around Christ's head. Still others believe it represents the eternity or wholeness of God's boundless love. No matter its origins, Celtic cross pendants are decorative charms that many people are now choosing to place on chains to wear as necklaces or to hold in their hands while they pray. The Celtic cross is bold dramatic, but with a beautiful, timeless feel.

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