Chandelier Earrings

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Chandelier Earrings Are Delightful Dangles

Chandelier earrings are so "in," as events such as the Academy Awards show. Stars wear these dangly creations as long as they can get them, even down to their shoulders! Fun and beautiful at the same time, chandelier earrings project a vivacious air that says the woman wearing them is lively and outgoing.

A major reason for the popularity of these gold earrings--aside from their jaunty look--is the way they feel as they swing along the neck. Soft, with many swaying strands, these earrings are a delight to wear as well as to watch. There are so many variations on the basic design that a woman who loves this style would probably just have to have several pairs to go with different outfits.

Eye-Catching Designs

These earrings are not shy, demure studs! These earrings inspire dancing--something dramatic like the tango! Chandelier earrings flounce with walking and swing with the wind. Diamond-cutting adds to the dazzle of these winners, for there are more angled surfaces to catch the light. A fabulous combination is the delicacy of filigree with the glitter of diamond-cut pieces, especially when the diamond-cut gold is at the bottom of the earring where it can move freely to reflect light.

Diamond-cut, gold earrings can be joined with dangling hearts for a charming effect, or with crystals of various colors to match an outfit. Dangling round leaves and other interesting touches can be added to the filigree or diamond-cutting for many fascinating looks. One of the most versatile earring designs, these earrings are extremely popular, affordable quality jewelry.

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