Charriol Usa Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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Charriol USA jewelry strives to find a unique balance between modern art and ancient culture. Currently, the Celtic collection is one of the most popular lines of Charriol USA jewelry, and the Celtic Noir collection is a perfect example of founder Philippe Charriol's style and philosophy. The bold use of diamonds is very modern, while the black cables evoke the sense of ancient Celtic jewelry.

The Eclectic, Elegant Collections of Charriol USA Jewelry

The Colvmbvs collection is also very popular, and is indicative of Charriol's elegant yet sporty nature. Among the most striking pieces in this collection are the line bracelets, which come in many different combinations of metals and stones. The white gold and diamond bracelets are exquisite and delicate, while the combination white and yellow gold bracelets with diamonds are more obvious attention-grabbers.

The Flamme Blance collection of Charriol USA jewelry offers a great variety of striking rings for women. Some might prefer the interesting fusion of Celtic cabling and art deco in some of the wider rings. Others might prefer the bolder double cabled bands in combinations of white and yellow gold with the dramatic settings of diamonds framing small precious stones in all colors.

Charriol USA also offers watches which have quickly risen to prominence and popularity since the inception of the company roughly 20 years ago. As with the jewelry, the Celtic collection is very popular, but the Megeve collection for ladies is equally so. These are lovely, understated watches which feature delicate pearls and diamonds and soft, shimmering faces in pastel colors. These are truly timeless, charming, feminine pieces.

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