Children's Bracelet

Written by Sarah Provost
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Children's bracelets are adorable on a chubby little wrist, and make the young wearer feel very special indeed. Children's bracelets come in a wide variety of styles and materials, and in designs that range from playful to elegant. For a birthday, confirmation, bat mitzvah or just because, a bracelet is a perfect gift.

Children's Bracelets: Bangles and Birthstones

Bangle bracelets are very popular for children, and unlike the more delicate chain styles, they're unbreakable. Bangles might be narrow and studded with birthstones or wide and engraved with the recipient's name. You can find bangles made of gemstones such as jade and lapis lazuli as well as the traditional gold and silver.

A flat-charm children's bracelet has small charms, often enameled, linked together to form the chain. These are usually all the same, such as a ring of ladybugs or bumblebees. At some sites, you can choose the charms separately to create a theme, such as a variety of butterflies, or books, pencils and crayons to commemorate the first day of school.

Dangling charm bracelets are, of course, a perennial favorite. You can buy one with the charms already on it, such as a fantasy theme of unicorn, moon, star and fairy. Or you can buy the chain and add individually chosen charms. I had a bracelet like this when I was a girl--which eventually became three bracelets. Parents, friends and relatives would give me charms on my birthday or at Christmas, but I also added to the collection myself as I got older, buying souvenir charms from places we visited on vacations or just something cute that caught my eye. As a teenager, I bought charms that had some secret significance, perhaps something about my hopes and dreams for the future.

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