Children's Jewelry

Written by Sarah Provost
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Children's jewelry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the jewelry business. While some parents may still balk at spending significant money on a piece of jewelry that may soon be outgrown or even lost, others are becoming more open to the prospect. Here are some concepts to consider when purchasing children's jewelry.

For one thing, jewelry is durable. While a newborn baby girl might receive several dozen adorable outfits, only one or two especially significant items will be kept. A baby ring, name bracelet, or other type of children's jewelry, on the other hand, can be treasured forever, even after the child outgrows it. Many items such as charm bracelets are easily adjustable for sizes to fit an infant up to an eight-year-old. Pendants can be used forever, needing only a longer chain. And collectibles are designed to grow with the child.

Children's Jewelry: Collectibles

"Collectibles" refers to jewelry pieces that are added to over time. A newborn girl is given one pearl, for example. Then pearls are added each year on birthdays or special occasions, and by the time that newborn is a bride, she'll have a pearl necklace to wear that is not only beautiful, but a treasured keepsake. The same principle applies to charm bracelets, which become wearable albums, each charm bringing up a memory.

Sophistication of design and quality materials combine to make jewelry pieces that your child will still want to wear in later years. Name bracelets, for example, are no longer available only in pink or blue beads, but can be made of crystal, gold, silver or gemstones. Many sites will custom-make a piece of jewelry; such personalization adds even more value to an heirloom piece.

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