Chopard Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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Chopard jewelry is in a class all by itself. As one of the last independent jewelry and watch companies in the world managed by a single family, Chopard produces eclectic, adventurous, even audacious pieces which are inimitable and powerful. From the chic and elegant to the unrepentantly glamorous, Chopard jewelry is a luxury for women who dare to be different.

Chopard has earned a reputation first and foremost for their watches. For ladies, there are several Happy collections, such as Happy Diamonds, Happy Snowflake, and Happy Sport. In the latter, free floating diamonds float inside the case alongside moons, stars, waves, or hearts.

Contrast and Juxtaposition in Stunning Chopard Jewelry

Chopard has always been a pioneer in mixing materials to unique effect. Several of the watches with thousands of dollars worth of diamonds also feature rubber bands or plastic parts. In these pieces the juxtaposition of elements that bespeak playful little girl and sophisticated woman makes for a lovely and unexpected piece, perfect to give a women who constantly surprises you and fills many roles in your life.

Of course, if you're hesitant to invest thousands in a piece that's quite so playful, Chopard also offers jewelry more suited to an evening at the opera (or, for the famous stars who patronize Chopard jewelry, the Cannes Film Festival or the Oscars). From the Ice Cube watch to the jewelry in the Pushkin collection, Chopard offers world class, innovative, and striking pieces which are as glamorous, elegant, and stunning as any woman could desire. If you are fortunate enough to be in Los Angeles near a jeweler who offers Chopard's collections, do yourself the favor of going in to look for yourself.

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