Christian Bauer Wedding Bands

Written by Serena Berger
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Christian Bauer wedding bands are among the most popular in the upscale market today. They are characterized by clean lines and innovative use of precious metals. If you are looking for rings in any of the major cities in the country like New York or LA, you will be certain to see Christian Bauer's wedding bands offered at some of the most exclusive retailers.

Christian Bauer is one of the few designers experimenting with platinum and white gold paired together. While many artists are entranced by yellow gold and white gold or platinum used together for dramatic contrast, fewer have explored the subtler complement of white gold with platinum. One of the most beautiful Christian Bauer wedding bands features a solid platinum band with thin 18kt white gold borders in a gentle, soft satin finish.

Romantic Christian Bauer Wedding Bands

A new pair of Christian Bauer wedding bands that is causing quite a sensation is the Romeo and Juliet set. These simple platinum bands have a thin 18kt yellow gold band running around the outside, slightly off-center vertically. On the man's ring is engraved "Juliet to Romeo" and on the woman's is engraved "Romeo to Juliet," and there are tiny diamonds set in the gold, as well.

While many of Christian Bauer's wedding bands are on the more expensive end, some of the platinum line cost less than a thousand dollars. For example, he offers slim two tone platinum bands which are beautiful for both men and women. The two tones come from different finishes--half bright, and half satin. You can choose to have a small diamond set in the woman's ring, as well.

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