Colored Bracelet

Written by Sarah Provost
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A colored bracelet is a fun and easy way to add pizzazz to any outfit. Bracelets were out of favor for a while, but are now coming back strong. Many of us now have to wear security or identity badges in our workplace, so a colored bracelet can add the spark that a necklace or pin might have done before.

Everyone knows that the smartest way to build a wardrobe is to choose classic pieces in a few neutral colors. So let's say you have a gray suit that fits perfectly and goes anywhere, but it does get boring. Suppose one day you wear it with a lavender silk shell and clasp a delicate silver and amethyst bracelet around your wrist? Another day you might combine the suit with a black T-shirt and a wrist full of stacked beaded bracelets in rainbow colors. Or you could pair it with a crisp white shirt and a bold bangle of lapis lazuli or a red cloisonne cuff.

A Birthstone Colored Bracelet for Mother's Day

I know of a family that had a lot of kids and an exceptionally patient and loving mother. As the children grew older, they wanted to give her something really special. Each child bought a bangle bracelet made of his or her birthstone. The mom ended up with a lovely collection of different colored bracelets that she could wear singly or in color combinations of her choice. Now she's getting birthstone bangles from her grandchildren to add to her collection.

Not all colored bracelets need to be collectibles, though. Beads lend themselves to more playful designs, and can be made of less precious materials. If you're considering a lime green bracelet with that gray suit, but just aren't sure, try a bracelet of big lime-green beads. How about one strand of green and one strand of fuchsia? You can go as wild or as subtle as you want with colored bracelets.

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