Colored Gem Stones

Written by Kevin Little
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Colored gem stones are not all created equal. Sure, lots of different stones are made in a number of different colors. But stones, like foods, are better when they are made the all natural way.

With Ammolite stones, you'll have to worries as to how the colors in your stone came to be there. They are produced exclusively by nature, through the miracle of fossilization. Yes, these stones are really fossils, culled from the shells of a sea native of olden times.

Colored Gem Stones: Better Aged

Not only do these stones share positive traits with food, they also have something in common with wine (you can't have great food without wine, right?). Like a fine wine, these stone are best aged--for 70 million years or so. Their colors have been preserved all that time, and now see that light in all of their radiance.

Such aging doesn't make these colored gem stones look "old"--just "distinguished." The colors of Ammolite gems are incredibly vibrant, and vary with each and every piece, due to the natural process through which they came into being. Such a rare stone only comes along every few million years or so.

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