Cubic Zirconia Rings

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cubic Zirconia Rings: Diamond Look-Alikes

Cubic zirconia rings revolutionized the world of affordable quality jewelry. Before cubic zirconia (Cz) was produced in a lab in 1977, men and women who wanted diamond jewelry had to buy--diamond jewelry! Everyone knows how expensive real diamonds are; even a diamond chip costs a small fortune. Few were able to purchase a diamond ring, and then only for a special occasion, such as an engagement.

Along came Cz, an inexpensive, artificially-produced stone that looked like a diamond. In fact, people can't tell one from the other! Sure, a professional jeweler using a jeweler's eye can discern the difference, but lay people can't. The stylish settings and design of cubic zirconia rings make them as impressive as diamonds.

All the Dazzle of the Real Thing

Remember rhinestones? Same "color" as diamonds, and they glittered. They did not, however, fool anyone. Something was lacking, namely, the sparkle from the diamond facets and the clarity of that precious stone. Cubic zirconia, though, has the transparency and the dazzle of the natural diamond.

What a boon to jewelry lovers! Suddenly, those who could not afford diamonds could have them--sort of. Cz rings look expensive, and when designed in gold, become a stunning diamond imitation that does, in fact, fool everyone. Cubic zirconia rings have found their way even into the jewelry boxes of those who can afford diamonds, for their design rivals that of the best diamond settings.

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