Curb Chains

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The term curb chain is used in both the equestrian world and the jewelry industry. In the horse care and training industry, curb chains are attached to the bit and are used in conjunction with leather chin straps to guide the horse. These curb chains consist of a series of twisted links and serve as the inspiration for the popular category of jewelry with the same name.

In general, curb chains are link bracelets or necklaces that are made out of gold which have either a concave or domed loop-in-loop design. Because of its origins and classic design, the curb chain has become quite popular with modern gentlemen. Men appreciate the streamlined design of the chains and they consider them to be trendy but still rather masculine. Curb chains are available for sale in several different widths and lengths. Plus, they can be purchased with single, double or triple loops. However, they can still be outfitted with charms or gems.

Manufacturing a curb chain is a very painstaking and tedious task. This is because its traditional loop-in-loop design requires that each individual link in the chain be soldered. After this, all the links have to be connected together to form the final product. As a result, each chain exemplifies excellent craftsmanship.

The Masculine Attraction of Curb Chains

Curb chains are not the only chains on the market with the harness inspired loop-in-loop design. The equine industry has also given rise to a category of chains known as trace chains. Other similar items include figaro chains, belcher chains, and mariner chains.

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