Custom Made Bracelet

Written by Sarah Provost
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A custom made bracelet is an exceptional gift for anyone important in your life, including yourself. You might want to have a bracelet custom made for reasons of sentiment or style, or just to have a completely unique piece that you won't see on someone else's wrist. And if you want a name bracelet for your dear friend Xanthippe, you're just not going to find that on a department-store carousel!

A Custom Made Bracelet of Memories

I know a woman who was an enthusiastic home seamstress all her life, and as anyone who sews will know, that means she was also a hoarder par excellence. When the time came that she needed to move out of her very large house into an apartment, there were boxes and boxes of fabric as well as several caches of broken jewelry. Though she knew she had to divest herself of a lot of "stuff," she couldn't help mourning special pieces, like a swatch from the yellow dress she had worn the day she met her husband or a few pearls from the necklace he gave her when their older daughter was born. Her lovely and sensitive daughters eased her transition with two "apartment warming" gifts: a quilt made from the fabric scraps, and a custom made bracelet and necklace made from the treasured but broken jewelry.

Custom made bracelets are often composed of birthstones for mothers and grandmothers, or charms with the names of the children. A bracelet with engraved beads can convey a special message. Custom pieces can also incorporate items with personal significance. Imagine, on your first anniversary, giving your wife a pearl bracelet hung with charms made from tiny shells you collected on the beach during your honeymoon.

You don't need an emotional reason to have a bracelet made, of course. You may simply have a design in mind that would perfectly complement a particular outfit. You can even reproduce something you saw in a picture or a museum. Custom bracelets are surprisingly affordable, and the recipient will appreciate the extra thoughtfulness.

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