Cz Rings

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cz Rings for a Variety of Styles

Cz rings let everyone have as many rings as they wish, for the inexpensive, diamond look-alike has the depth and brilliance of the natural stone. Now, instead of not having any diamond jewelry at all, most can have cubic zirconia (Cz) jewelry in a variety of settings in wholesale body jewelry, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Without compromising the sheer beauty of diamonds, Cz, when set in gold, rivals its natural counterpart.

Cubic zirconia, in fact, mimics almost every precious and semi-precious stone used in ornamentation. From aquamarine to onyx, Cz represents the lustrous color and translucence of the original stone. Losing nothing by being a lab-produced imitation, Cz holds its own with its real twin, and Cz rings are dazzlers!

Cz Means More Jewelry

Since 1977 when cubic zirconia was created, jewelry lovers have been able to have much more jewelry than ever before. No longer restricted to buying the "real" thing, affordable quality jewelry became a possibility for everyone. No longer did a person have one or two "good" pieces of jewelry; now, everyone could have many pieces of high-quality jewelry.

Traditionally through the thousands of years that gold and precious stones have been worn, they indicated the wearer's status and wealth. Today, because of innovations such as Cz, everyone can have Cz rings set in gold, for example, that look like they cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more than they do. Anyone can have everyday ornaments, and fancier, special ornaments, but none of them needs to break a budget any longer.

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