David Yurman

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David Yurman is a world-renowned American jewelry designer who specializes in a cable motif. His designs are instantly recognizable and are desired by jewelry lovers around the world. Recently, he also began designing beautiful watches for both men and women in addition to his original jewelry line.

David Yurman Jewelry Features Classic Designs

When you wear a piece of jewelry designed by David Yurman, you are making a statement to the world that you admire both craftsmanship and design. Even people who are not familiar with the Yurman name will ask you where you purchased your unique jewelry. It stands out and makes a statement of prestige, style, and quality.

Whether it is watches or jewelry, his pieces are admired the world over. They are not overly trendy, but are classic designs that will stand the test of time. For this reason, his pieces are cherished by those who are lucky enough to own them.

Unfortunately, David Yurman pieces can be quite expensive. Not everyone can afford one of these classic pieces. For those of us with limited budgets, there are jewelry and watches available on the market that are inspired by his innovative designs, but do not carry the same hefty price tags. Many of these pieces are just as beautiful as the originals. You can still get the style without going broke.

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