Designer Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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Designer jewelry is the epitome of vision and craftsmanship. Incorporating both the most traditional precious metals and stones, and totally unexpected materials and disparate influences, jewelry by the world's hottest designers will dazzle and captivate any wearer. You can opt for a piece which is adventurous and fashion forward, or a piece which is timeless and elegant; with designer jewelry, the choices is yours, and anything is possible.

The Unique Attributes of Designer Jewelry

Some people who don't have much experience buying jewelry wonder why designer jewelry is so much more expensive than jewelry sold at upscale stores which offer collections without strong brand identification. Are you just paying for the name? Obviously, in the best cases, you are not; the price and name both reflect all of the attributes that designer brings to his or her work, among which is the best possible quality of materials, as well as a singular vision and superior craftsmanship.

Admittedly, some designer jewelry is not for everyone. Some people see Chopard's Happy Diamonds collections and wonder why anyone would want to pair exquisitely set diamonds with rubber and plastic, or see Charriol USA's Celtic Noir collections and wonder why anyone would want to put diamonds on a black cord for a sporty look. If these pieces don't appeal to you, no one should tell you that they should, but you might find that classic and romantic Tacori filigree platinum settings for diamonds make you wonder why no one else ever realized just how beautiful diamonds could be.

If you are looking for unique and stunning jewelry and you happen to live someplace like Paris, New York, or LA, where many designers have showrooms, then you're in luck. Otherwise, your best bet is to go to an upscale retailer who features the most popular collections from multiple jewelry designers. Not only are you most likely to find something that you like, you're likeliest to find something you can afford, and you will be guaranteed knowledgeable service as well.

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