Designer Wedding Bands

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Distinctive Designer Wedding Bands

Designer wedding bands are quite distinct from the plain gold band of tradition. Created in two-tone and even tri-tone gold, these designer wedding bands offer unique and dignified designs for the bride and groom. These rings are created in the very latest styles for those who have exquisite taste in fine jewelry.

The exchange of rings got its start in ancient Rome, where the Romans would give each other gold rings when a contract was concluded. Eventually, the giving of a gold ring found its way into betrothal contracts when the future groom would give the future bride a ring upon settlement of the dowry. It wasn't until the 12th to 14th centuries that the gold ring became an important part of the wedding itself.

Styles and Fashions

Used even by the ancient Egyptians to symbolize eternal, unbroken love, the band ring is now reserved for the wedding ceremony, and a diamond ring has become the traditional engagement ring. The wedding band is placed on the third finger of the left hand because it was once believed that a vein of love ran from this finger to the heart. At any rate, the plain gold band has been supplanted by designer wedding bands that afford remarkable styles.

The ever-popular two-tone rings have white gold in varying widths, from a narrow strip to a wide line that lets only a thin strip of yellow gold show along the edges. The tri-tone band consists of yellow, white, and pink gold in comfort fit for a beauty that is quite unusual. Other affordable quality jewelry includes two-tone milgrain bands and pipe-cut bands for even more variations.

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