Diamond And Ammolite Jewelry

Written by Kevin Little
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Diamond and Ammolite jewelry is unsurpassed in terms of composition. What could be better than a piece of jewelry that combines one of the world's rarest gems with one of the most valued? Diamonds may be a girl's best friend; when paired with Ammolite, they'll make for a friend for life!

When crafting a piece around these two gems, it's key to emphasize attention to detail. You'll certainly need gems that are graded properly, particularly when it comes to the Ammolite. Only about five percent of Ammolite stones meet the highest standards for the stone.

Diamond and Ammolite Jewelry: Lasting Looks

Ammolite gems have been around for millions of year, and the diamond is the hardest substance on earth, so you know that these stones will last. But what about the setting? You'll need high quality glue to hold this piece together.

That's where top quality workmanship comes in. You'll want your Diamond and Ammolite jewelry set in 14K or 18K gold for lasting beauty. Look also to have your piece made to order--such a requirement helps to ensure careful crafting.

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