Diamond Bracelet

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Luxurious Diamond Bracelet

A diamond bracelet needs no introduction! Universally famous as one of the world's precious stones, diamonds are known for their multi-faceted cutting that brings out the beauty of each stone. Tennis bracelets--those thin, elegant bracelets completely set with diamonds or cubic zirconia--are an ever-popular style. They literally are often worn with sportswear and during athletic activities, but have long since been a staple for day wear with any kind of outfit.

Most consumers, however, cannot afford a full set of diamonds, but diamond accents on gold bracelets in wholesale fashion jewelry are quite affordable. They are not only affordable quality jewelry, but create a stunning combination for an elegant look. Two of the world's premium elements--gold and diamonds--unite to produce an intriguing warm/cool presence in a diamond bracelet.

Byzantine Bracelets with Diamonds

One of the most ornate and lovely styles in jewelry is the Byzantine style. With an ancient, exotic name that suggests Oriental influences, Byzantine jewelry is luxurious, yet elegant. Intricate, woven patterns bring to any piece of this fine jewelry an aura of elaborate texture that complements formal and fancy apparel.

When united with diamond accents, Byzantine braidings come alive with the contrast between the complexity of the weavings and the cool, faceted, glittering diamonds. Byzantine designs are bold, and the addition of accents turns a gold beauty into a delicate diamond bracelet. Such a luxurious combination is unrivaled as a companion to evening dress for the opera, theater, or for fine dining and formal celebrations.

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