Diamond Bracelets

Written by Serena Berger
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While there are many designs possible in diamond bracelets, the most famous by far is what we know as the tennis bracelet. A tennis bracelet is any string of identically sized and cut diamonds. The diamonds are typically relatively small, and round or brilliant cut, but the settings can differ greatly.

By nature, bracelets have to be flexible. This does not, however, limit whether they can be delicate or heavier or chunkier. Several bands next to each other can lead to a shimmering effect, or the look of a dense wrist band.

Diamond Bracelets Aren't Just Tennis Bracelets

While tennis bracelets are defined by identical stones, a diamond bracelet can have more flexibility in design. Small diamonds alternated with larger sapphires in white gold, or a strand of oval-cut rubies each surrounded by tiny diamonds set in yellow gold will have the cache of diamond bracelets with added color and personality. And what is jewelry about if not showing your beauty and personality?

Diamond bracelets can be found in almost any price range. With the variety of settings, and sizes and cuts of the stones, you should be able to find one that is perfect for you. Try using the internet to browse the many exciting options.

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