Diamond Crosses Pendant

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The practice of wearing of pendants in the shape of a cross has a very long history. However, you would probably be shocked to learn that not all of the historic wearers were expressing their appreciation for or affiliation with Christianity. In fact, it is believed that the members of the early Navajo tribe wore crosses on rawhide necklaces merely to symbolize beauty and pride.

Obviously, the reason the majority of people who wear crosses today do so as an outward demonstration of their faith in Jesus Christ. Nowadays, Christians all over the globe wear crosses around their necks to symbolize their spiritual victories. Fortunately for people who want to wear crosses, they have a lot of different options to select from. Of course, the most common type of cross is known as the Latin cross, which basically looks like the letter "t."

The Beauty of Diamond Crosses

Many people also wear crosses purely for reasons of fashion. A trend that never seems to fade away, cross pendants have become more glamorous in recent years. For those looking for a classy yet distinctive pendant, a diamond cross is an excellent option. Most often, the diamond is mounted in the center of the cross.

Most jewelry stores that sell diamond cross pendants sell the traditional Latin cross variety. For those people who desire a more unique necklace, they could always opt for a different gemstone or they could simply select another type of cross. Other types of Christian crosses include the following: the Celtic cross, the Greek cross, Saint Andrews cross, and the cross of Loraine. Each has slightly different dimensions, and together, they offer a great way to have a beautiful collection of crosses.

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