Diamond Earrings

Written by Serena Berger
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For as many types of women as you will find in the world, there are as many different pairs of diamond earrings that you might find for a woman's individual taste. While the diamond solitaire stud is the most popular, there are so many variations even among solitaire studs that you could find yourself overwhelmed in trying to select the perfect pair. From delicate 1/4 Carat square-cut gems to impressive multiple-carat brilliant-cut diamond earrings and any number of variations in between, you should be able to select the perfect jewels for your loved one.

What Elements Should You Consider in Choosing Diamond Earrings?

Perhaps you've heard of the "4 C's," but always wondered what exactly those were. They stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Cut refers to the manner in which the jeweler cuts, or shapes, the stone. There are a number of common cuts, and some jewelers aspire to create new cuts which they hope will become classics. All 4 C's should be sought in diamond earrings.

Color refers, as you might imagine, to the color of the stone. While the "perfect" diamond is colorless and reflects a rainbow of light, there is a lot the be said for certain "imperfect" diamonds. These can be quite beautiful pinks, blues, greens, faint yellow, or other colors known as "fancies."

Clarity can only be measured precisely by a trained jeweler, but to the untrained eye, is evident in the brilliance of the stone. The fewer inclusions (or flaws) in a diamond, the more brilliant it can appear. Carat weight is the last element, which refers to the weight of the diamond (essentially its size)

The perfect diamond earring for the person you love will be set in a way that is beautiful and pleasing, and will be made from diamonds that are of as high quality as you can find in each of the 4 C's.

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