Diamond Jewelers

Written by Serena Berger
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Diamond jewelers specialize in working with the rarest of precious stones which have been celebrated for centuries for their beauty and value. When you realize how much goes into crafting a piece of jewelry that features diamonds, you can understand why a jeweler would specialize in diamonds and platinum, for example, and work with very few other materials. The techniques that world class diamond jewelers must employ take years to develop and decades to perfect, so if you go to a diamond specialist, you may be paying a bit more, but you will be gaining the benefit of superior knowledge and experience.

The commercials that gloss over the 4 Cs of diamonds would have you believe that there's not a great distance between knowing what the Cs stand for and being able to pick out the perfect diamond. But the best designers use diamonds which are even better than the ones you can get at cheaper prices from chain stores. This is why many of the great designers who do custom work will only stamp the work with their seal if they have hand selected the diamonds themselves.

The Quality Advantage with Diamond Jewelers

Color and clarity are the two Cs which are mostly likely to be different when you go to a great diamond jeweler. Classic cuts are generally the same anywhere you go, though some jewelers are interested in developing new cuts which they hope will become classic. For the most part, though, you will find round or brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald, marquis, pear shapes, and baguettes in any fine jeweler's collection. Similarly, carat (or karat) weights are universal and most fine jewelers work with anything from hundredths of a carat to multiple carats.

A diamond with optimal clarity and color, however, is hard to find, and the best diamond jewelers will offer them. If you are buying anything from stud earrings to an engagement ring or wedding band set with diamonds, you want the unadulterated brilliance that comes with superior clarity and color. Some jewelers like Judith Ripka, however, specialize in work with fancy diamonds, which are technically flawed because they display color; the colors available, however, are vibrant greens, yellows, blues, and pinks, which make for stunning works in their own right.

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