Diamond Pendants

Written by Serena Berger
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Diamond pendants are among the most delicate and romantic of jewelry pieces. A single solitaire diamond floating gracefully on a simple chain is a feminine, fanciful accessory, one which many little girls dream of having when they grow up. Maybe it's one they've seen or maybe it's one they imagined; but either way, you can make that dream a reality.

Settings of Diamond Pendants

The most classic deign for a diamond pendant is a single round/brilliant cut diamond set in yellow gold on a fine-link gold chain. Most such necklaces run 1.2 to 1 Carat. Of course, larger diamond pendants will be much more stunning and dramatic, but not to everyone's taste or budget.

But this classic diamond pendant is only one possibility. A diamond pendant can be any cut of diamond: besides round/brilliant, the other classic cuts include pear shaped, emerald cut, marquis cut, square/princess, and oval. Heart shaped diamonds are also becoming very popular.

Some jewelers will try bold new cuts with diamonds. You may come across an incredibly stunning diamond cut in a star shape, for example. In addition, diamond pendants can be set in any of the precious metals--gold, white gold, or platinum. Such a purchase may be extravagant or modest, but no matter what will be certain to please.

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