Diamond Ring

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Glittering Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is treasured as a lifelong keepsake that can be passed down to a loved one or given as an exceptional gift for special occasions. Diamonds are one of only four precious gemstones--others are ruby, sapphire, and emerald--and they are among the most highly-valued possessions. Made of extremely-compressed carbon, they are mostly found in South Africa, and must be very carefully cut to bring out their full beauty.

Consumers usually only see white, or colorless, diamonds, but their range of color actually includes orange, brown, and a near-black. Extremely rare are red, purple, blue, and green, which, of course, are extraordinarily valuable. A canary diamond is yellow, also uncommon, and very costly. The brilliant cut is used to bring out the play of natural color by cutting as many facets as possible.

Diamond Anniversary

Since diamonds are so expensive, affordable quality jewelry at wholesale prices is most welcome to budget-conscious consumers. If a diamond ring is available from wholesale jewelry manufacturers, its cost is reduced because retail overhead is not a factor. Since the 60th year is the diamond anniversary of any event, a diamond ring would be most appropriate for a wedding anniversary present.

Both partners in the marriage might give each other a diamond to symbolize their own lifelong commitment to the relationship. For such a singular occasion, only the best would do, and diamond jewelry is valued throughout the world as one of the most magnificent gifts. Appropriate for men and women, this lustrous gemstone has the fire and renowned clarity that create a stunning piece of jewelry.

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