Diamond Semi Mount

Written by Joy MacKay
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If you're looking for a unique setting for your diamond, you might want to consider the diamond semi mount. This choice offers one of the most extravagant settings, which promises to secure your diamond in the most reliable way possible. Because you invest so much in your diamond, you want the setting to show it off while securing it from dislocation or loss.

Features of a Diamond Semi Mount

A semi-mount is a finished item of jewelry except for the center stone setting. This means that your diamond semi mount is truly a work of art in and of itself. For instance, a platinum band might be set with smaller diamonds in the band, with a setting in place waiting for your gemstone.

One of the wonderful things about a diamond semi mount is that it allows you to choose your own gem. You can purchase the diamond that you know to be of the highest cut and quality. This means that you can choose a diamond semi mount you like, and then purchase a diamond to finish off the ring.

If you're looking for great deals on a diamond semi mount, take your search online. There are plenty of reputable online jewelers who will offer you a vast selection in semi mounts. Customize your diamond ring today by seeking out discount diamond semi mounts online.

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