Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Written by Joy MacKay
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Nothing quite makes the statement of gorgeous simplicity as a diamond solitaire engagement ring. When you get down on your knee, and ask for her hand in marriage, make sure that you have a classic symbol of love to slip onto her finger. With the diamond solitaire engagement ring, you truly cannot go wrong.

Choosing Your Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

You can have your diamond solitaire engagement ring set in a variety of precious metal bands. From white gold to yellow gold to platinum, you can find the precious metal that best shows off your diamond. Those with bluer undertones to their skin tend to look more favorable in white gold, while those with yellow undertones favor yellow gold.

Platinum is becoming a sought-after band choice for the diamond solitaire engagement ring. Because everyone tends to look good in platinum, and because of its high luster, it will show off the solitaire diamond like no other metal can. Best of all, its strength allow it to be fashioned into some of the most creative designs we've seen yet.

If you're seeking a diamond solitaire engagement ring, why pay the high prices that your local jewelry store offers? Why not purchase a better ring for your fiancee for less? You can find plenty of great choices in diamond solitaire engagement rings offered at rock-bottom prices online.

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