Diamond Wedding Sets

Written by Kimberly Clark
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In general, diamond wedding sets consist of an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. In most instances, a solitaire diamond sits on top of the engagement ring. The wedding band is usually encrusted with diamonds as well.

The wedding band portion of the set is designed to securely attach to the engagement ring. For the most part, both of the rings are crafted out of the same material. However, more and more people are choosing to experiment with other shades of gold or to mix and match it with either silver or platinum.

Whereas most diamond wedding sets are sold with just two pieces, some are do come with three separate rings. The third part of the set is called the anniversary band and it is usually presented when the couple is celebrating a milestone anniversary. The anniversary band also attaches to the engagement ring, typically on the side opposite of the wedding band.

Wedding Sets Allow One Stop Shopping

A lot of guys really prefer the one stop shopping that diamond wedding sets afford them. It was probably stressful enough for them to get up the nerve to go out and select the engagement ring in the first place. Imagine their glee when they discover they can kill two or three birds with one stone and essentially eliminate the need for another shopping trip, down the line, to find a coordinating wedding band. For brides, wedding sets are popular because they often present the most striking look once on the hand. Sets that include diamonds on each band are incredibly beautiful and elegant, making them a great option for couples in the market.

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