Elsa Peretii

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Elsa Peretii has been the jewelry designer at Tiffany since 1974. The elegant, simple creations of this Italian designer have dazzled the world ever since. Who can resist these delicate and charming creations in silver and gold?

Elsa Peretii's Trademark Style

One can often spot an Elsa Peretii design for Tiffany by its clean lines and quiet simplicity. How did she become such a master designer? Before becoming the head designer for Tiffany, she worked for such design houses as Oscar de La Renta and Halston.

Every woman loves to receive a piece of Tiffany jewelry design by Elsa Peretii. However, many people can't afford these pieces. That's why so many other designers, inspired by Tiffany designs, have created their own lines of replica pieces that capture the spirit of Tiffany.

There are online jewelry shops that sell terrific Elsa Peretti replicas. The best sites are those with a big selection, competitive prices, and good customer service. You want a site you can return to again for future purchases. You never know when you'll want to buy her a special gift to let her know you love her and giving a gift to someone you love doesn't mean you have to go into debt.

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