Faceted Ammolite

Written by Kevin Little
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Faceted Ammolite brings the unique beauty of Ammolite to the fore, and actually enhances the sharp color combinations found in high quality pieces of Ammolite. Ammolite is incredibly beautiful on its own, but a faceted piece can be even more stunning. If you're in the market for one of these rare gems, why not do it right?

Of course, doing it right requires some smart shopping. If you're going for a faceted piece of jewelry, it doesn't make sense to do so with a low grade stone. After all, you want those facets to reflect the best a gem can offer.

Faceted Ammolite: Know the Facts

All Ammolite is made from Ammonite shells, but not all of these shells are the same. Like everything else, some are better than others, so you'll want to know how to choose the cream of the crop. AA Ammolite is the highest grade available, so if you're seeking out faceted Ammolite, this is the grade you're after.

Once you have the right stone, you'll need the right setting. 14K or 18K gold is essential for to bring out the optimal look of the stone. After all, when shopping unique Ammolite jewelry, it doesn't make sense to skimp on the details.

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