Famous Los Angeles Jewelers

Written by Serena Berger
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Famous Los Angeles jewelers have earned their reputation by offering stunning pieces which reflect the best in both design and craftsmanship. Many famous Los Angeles jewelers have been elevated to the stratosphere through their association with celebrities, but that is a double edged sword. While the Hollywood A-list often wear what they like and their fans end up seeing it and asking where it came from, at times there is speculation about whether actors and musicians were paid to wear pieces by designers who wanted to boost their profile. High end designers are adamant that the buying public not be duped into thinking other designers are at their level simply because they paid for high profile publicity.

Of course, if the pieces are beautiful, there is not really any problem. When Elizabeth Hurley is photographed wearing Chopard jewelry, or when Naomi Watts shows off her Judith Ripka creations, famous Los Angeles jewelers are flooded with requests for the same or similar pieces. Much of the time the celebrities you see wearing dramatic pieces don't even own those pieces, they are on loan the designer for a special event and then have to return them. This means if you have a lot of money, you may be able to purchase the exact same piece that Nicole Kidman wore to the Golden Globes.

Shopping at Famous Los Angeles Jewelers

Most people, however, don't have that kind of money, but they can still enjoy shopping at famous jewelry stores or the show rooms of internationally renowned designers. Many of the biggest names in the world offer their jewelry and watches in L.A., making the shopping just about as famous and the movie stars who live there. From the myriad of shops in the new Hollywood and Highland mall to the exclusive boutiques on nearby Rodeo Drive, you can find the best and most exciting jewelry in L.A. in any price range.

If you want to sample the work of many of the most famous jewelers in Los Angeles, your best bet is actually an upscale jewelry store. The showrooms of the designers themselves are likely to show very few pieces from just a couple of collections, so if you don't like them or can't afford them, you're out of luck pretty quickly. At an upscale retailer's, however, you can see the best and most popular pieces from a variety of jewelers or watchmakers, and you are likelier to be able to find something you can afford, as well.

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