Fashion Bracelets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Fashion bracelets are a chic addition to any wardrobe. From big beads in popsicle colors to delicate gold chains and pearls, you will find fashion bracelets to suit any taste and any style. Take a few moments to go shopping in the online boutiques and you're sure to find something great to go with that little black dress or with jeans and a crisp white shirt.

Bangle Fashion Bracelets to Stack

Especially in the summertime, an armload of bangle bracelets in bright colors and shiny metals gives you gypsy appeal. Bangle fashion bracelets can be made of cloisonne, precious metals, woven leather, gemstones, or even carved out of a single piece of jade, wood or ivory. (Ivory--faux, of course--is particularly effective against a tanned arm.)

Cuff bracelets make a strong statement and accent a delicate wrist. From a simple cuff of beaten silver to an ornately enameled tapestry or a cuff so carved it looks like lace, cuff-style fashion bracelets offer a world of choices. One of my favorites was made of rectangles of gold-tone metal alternating with rectangles of dark wood, held together by elastic bands to slip on easily.

Beaded bracelets can be big and bold or tiny and refined. You can add charms if you like, or spell out a name or a word. Many sites offer custom made bracelets so you can design exactly what you want. Custom designs also add a special thoughtfulness to gifts, and are surprisingly affordable.

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