Feng Shui Ammonites

Written by Kevin Little
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Feng Shui Ammonites are among the most revered and mystical stones around. Ammolite stones are mined from the remains of the ancient Ammonite, a creature that was squid-like in composition but which also possessed a colored spiral shell. These shells fossilized over time, and today are highly prized for their stunning color combinations.

In the practice of Feng Shui, the Ammolite is called the "Seven Color Prosperity Stone," thanks to the seven colors that can be found in each Ammolite. Each color represents a different facet of life that can be harmonized by wearing the stone. For example, red signifies growth in the functions of the mind and in judgment.

Feng Shui Ammonites Promote Harmony

Different color combinations on Feng Shui Ammonites bring different powerful energies into play. These stones are not just for wearing as Ammolite jewelry, either. Ammolites placed around the home or workplace can help to promote the proper energy for balance and productivity.

In addition to their spiritual properties, these stones are also undeniably great to look at. High quality versions of the stone show off distinct colors in high contrast to one another, making for a stunning piece. In terms of both colors and energies, Ammolites are impressive indeed.

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