Feng Shui Prosperity Stone

Written by Kevin Little
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The Feng Shui Prosperity Stone is known to may by a different name: the Ammolite. Whether it's energy healing or simply beauty you're after, Ammolite stones make for an excellent choice. The unique properties of the Ammolite make it attractive to Feng Shui adherents and collectors alike.

One of the most remarkable traits of these stones is the mere age of them. Each stone that is mined in Alberta, Canada, is a fossil, formed from the shells of the Ammonite a creature which lived millions of years ago. The shells, and the sparkling colors that distinguish them, have been preserved by nature for millennia.

Feng Shui Prosperity Stones: Age and Wisdom

To those who use the stones as Feng Shui Prosperity Stones, the ancient nature of these stones is an important fact. The stones have been storing up the earth's energy for all that time they've spent at the bottom of the ocean, making them powerful talismans. The stones are said to bring into balance the energies of both people that wear them and spaces in which they are displayed.

For the collector, the classification of "fossil" is enough to make these very desirable pieces. Ammolite gems are counted among the planet's rarest. As such, they make for excellent additions to any collection.

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